[Mac Address] Easier to find, easier to use

[Mac Address] Easier to find, easier to use


The play/pause button’s location on the new remote drives me fucking bonkers.


Agree. I keep hitting the menu button every freaking time. It just seems more intuitive for me if the play button was above the volume.


They could have kept the mapping the same as the old remote and just relaxed the Siri button with mute. I dont know. I generally like the new remote, I never used the old one and opted for the app, but it has some annoyances.


I got used to it in a few days


Me too, mostly, but it’s still poor placement.


They spoke on this on ATP - the placement of the play/pause button is deliberately a shorter motion because there’s only so much the thumb can articulate, so a shorter distance was perceived as better - at least ergonomically… My anecdotal experience has me pressing the old Siri button quite a bit on the old remote, so in that vein I guess it’s a good move, I guess time will tell


I love the scrubbing feature sliding around the ring. Reminiscent of my iPod 4th Gen days.


Not sure what he’s doing with the “I’d pay $15 for this, $2 for that” thing. It is what it is. I bought two of the remotes, and love them


Because everyone complained it was too expensive as soon as the price was revealed. He’s saying it probably is too expensive but not by much.


Then they probably never bought a premium remote in their live Bought the newest Sony TX611e for my parents and the cheapest (on a trustworthy site) was 60€ the new apple remote is completely in line with other premium remotes


I think it's just his way of saying the remote is too expensive. It's weird, though, cause none of the prices he gave have any justification.


And the “easier to find” metric that is based on his specific couch. I thought there was going to be a new revelation about the remote and Find My network


I’m not enjoying it yet. I find the 10 second skip forward Barry works


What 10 second skip forward? I am interested in this feature.


Click the dots on the left / right of the navigation ring.




I’d turn off the touch area ASAP.


Am I the only one who thinks the new remote looks strictly worse than the previous one? Really reminds me of the old iPod Classic design language with none of the retro fun.


Yeah it probably looks worse. I like how it works though. Probably not enough to buy more for my other Apple TV’s (I didn’t hate the old one as much as some people) but it works way better and is way more intuitive. (The intuitive doesn’t matter a lot to me but when I have guests over it should help).


It’s hideous, but it’s better in every other way imo. I love how much heavier and thicker it is than the old one. It feels much easier to grip.


I don’t get why you think it’s hideous. It looks simpler to me. More utilitarian, perhaps. Hideous? Nah. I hate being in the same room as the black remote. It’s infuriating. I wanted to smash it off a wall the other day


I hate that the back is rounded, because every time I click a button while it’s on the table it gets jostled and makes a bunch of noise. Compared to the flat back of the old one that didn’t move when you clicked it while on a table.


it’s way longer than it needs to be


Nah disagree. Length makes it super easy to hold compared to old one. But hideous yeah


I hate the slim one from the bottom of my heart, I don’t really care if it looks slicker.




I have no problems with the smaller remote. I still think it’s cute and compact.


If google would get their heads out of their ass and add Bluetooth support to their shitty, add-filled YouTube app, I could just use my vastly superior Bluetooth one and never have to touch it again.


Can’t stand the alphabetically sorted keyboard on the YouTube app.




Don't interrupt the jerk


I can't justify to buy the new remote, my tv with CEC I can do the same and only use the apple remote for some very little actions. Even I can use my iphone as a remote


When I look at it, it reminds me of the original Apple TV remote.


The old remote was simple and had a great looking design. If you're so damn prone to losing a remote maybe put it back on the table when you're done with it instead of just throwing it on the couch and getting mad when you can't find it again. Also a mute button? I never understood the use of it for streaming services. Any likely scenario when you would mute a video playing would be better served just pausing the video.


Ads. I always mute ads.


Lost my Glass touchpad Siri remote last night. Thankfully 6 hours before that I bought the new apple TV


Am I the only one who bought a cheap rubber case off Amazon for my remote and had none of these issues? The old remote was and is still great.